The Super Black Crusader Mod (V2 Out Now!)

Discussion in 'Other mods' started by Kernow, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. Okay, this is my first mod that I actually succeeded in making so please, do not post mean comments, keep them to yourself.

    This mod changes the black Crusaders capabilities listed below:


    • A working radio
    • VTOL weapons (Also, there's an optional folder with a file that has the vanilla Crusader weaponry if you would prefer that instead)
    • Increased torque
    • Increased top speed
    • Faster turning for more control over its top speed around the corners
    • Changed name for easier location in the garage. You wont get it mixed up with the original Crusader
    • A jet engine sound
    • Better grip

    • All the features from V1, but better (The radio, sound and the weapons arent changed but they are still included)
    • Added VTOL thrusters! (Once you accelerate, the flames go bigger for afew seconds before going to normal size for added effect. They can also do this while taking sharp turns, reversing and just pressing W or D in general can do it too)

    What I'm working on doing for V3 (I don't know how to do these, so if anyone knows how, please tell me. I'll even give you credit for helping me)
    • Making it withstand more damage (I found a line of code called "Hitpoints". Is this what i need to modify to make it stronger?)
    • Allowing the cannon to spin faster (I use an Xbox controller and i have to use the mouse to aim because the cannon is very slow with a controller, so how do i make it faster? (Its not sensitivity options, i tried that))
    • Making it brake better (it's hard to get this thing to brake and its also hard to find what line of code controls this... What controls this?)
    • Getting it to stick to the ground better (Is it mass that controls this? Probably is, but im just double checking)
    • Making it be able to ram bigger trucks out the way better (I dont think its mass, its not like GTA IV coding, it just makes the tank weigh a ton more, i think (Or is it Center of Mass?))
    Now I just need to figure out how to make the cannon turn faster for controller users (If making it turn faster is possible)

    ALSO, I have figured out how to make it do wheelies (pretty much making it's front end stick up off the ground while you drive fast) so I may make an optional file for wheelies for V3.

    Before you ask why all of this is for the black Crusader and not any other tank, then let me say that if it was for any other tank (Excluding the ASP) the AI would kick your rear end in combat far more easily than they do originally. As the black Crusader isn't used by AI life and only used by the player, I thought that it would be an ideal vehicle to associate the mod towards.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this fun (But not exactly fair to the AI) mod for the black Crusader to make it more worth getting.

    And please, if you download this mod, read the readme! (And sorry if I make any typos in the readme, my keyboard isn't exactly brilliant)

    (This is the V1 tank)

    (This is the V2 tank)

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  2. Mordred

    Mordred Guest

    Well done. I think giving one of the tanks a real point of difference is an excellent idea.
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  3. :D Thanks! I'm glad that you like it.
  4. Kernow i edit your file and fixed your brakes and mass. Can i upload here?
    Edit: Now this tank 10x stronger
  5. I already fixed it in a V3 Prototype but yeah, you can upload yours if you want.
    EDIT: As you can see in the description, all I need done for the V3 Prototype is to make the damn cannon go faster for controller users like me. That thing goes VERY slow with a controller!
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2014
  6. i will try to fix it but im not sure
    Edit: Can you upload a video how slow this cannon with a controller
    Edit 2: i think cannons turning speed by camera turning. this turning is slow with a car or bike?
  7. No, only with the tanks. Everything else is fine except the tanks cannon rotation.
    And, i will try to make a video if i can.
  8. kernow you must find tanks camera file i dont know what file it is but if you can find you can solve your problem by changing its speed it independent to normal camera speed
  9. Wait... Red crusader? how?!
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