The PunisheR

It's first time for me here and first post too i`m sure i made many mistakes and i am sure that post maybe will deleted i wish i didn`t make anything wrong that lead to delete

i just wanted to see the punisher in saints row the third it would be great I got the outfit but we just need that bad-ass white skull I uploaded the picture sorry screen shots disabled so I had to take a picture and sorry for my bad English

2016-10-21 04.18.41.jpg
oh thank you so much I really appreciate your help if you are serious about that I wish you put movie's skull or that skull from deardevil session 2 because I hate comic's skull

Thank you again
I told you I hate the punisher's comic that old outfit black with white I need that badass punisher from the movie . war zone or that badass punisher from deardevil session 2 that what I need :) easy right ?