Saints Row 2 The Krunch 106.66 (2008, extended)

Here's another extended radio! Available at Mixcloud:
The reason, why i made this, is because it's my 3rd favourite radio station from Saints Row series (2nd being 89.0 Generation X and 1st being The Mix 107.77).
I hope you love it!
Update: i deleted the first version and replaced with the second version of this radio, because i fucked up with this one song: Killswitch Engage - My Curse. I picked up the remastered version with no screaming, only Howard Jones's vocals, so i found a different version of this song, this time with the famous screaming and Howard Jones & Adam Dutkiewicz's vocals in one song. Don't worry, you can click the same link, because this show has the same name as the previous one, so you can hear the difference. Enjoy the motherfucking radio!
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Not a bad track list, but I was wondering. Do you think it's possible to add a whone new radio? GotR already does that with the ad station, Gen X vault and Keepin EZZZY, plus the game's peg file includes the icon for some unused radios.
what I'm getting at here is, do you think you next radio mod could be adding Sizzurp with it's own tracklist?
I managed to find a way to add it as it's own radio with it's own icon and all but all I could put there was the songs from Krhyme so it would be cool to have a radio with more hardcore/classic rap where the only songs that play are not "This One Thing" and "Me and You"