The Flying Machine

would you like to see new flying cars ?

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I made this mod last year and decided to release it now.
It transform some cars to planes.
! you need to have the car before installing the mod !
Enjoy !
V2 : added mongoose and both assert


  • The flying machine
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  • The flying machine V2.0.7z
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First flying boats, now flying cars... What's next, flying turrets?


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Maybe, I'll port my flying tank mod . But Flying turrets is a brilliant idea .
Make the big turret from the white house flyable cuz there is a mod to spawn it but not able to drive it or move it in anyway is sort of a downer but imagine making it flying it will be amazing.:D

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I tried to turn the regular turret into a helicopter or and into VTOL - the game crashed if I selected it in the garage in both cases.