The boss singing along to the radio.

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  1. I used some audio extracting tools on Saints Row 2 (thanks to that person who found how to use it) and found the voice clips of the boss singing to the radio. Thing is... there's no music; It's just a loud man/woman screaming into a mic. I find this to be a very funny piece of Saints Row history. I can only imagine how it was in the studio doing this.
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  2. This really happened in SR2 or its just within the files? Its funny how they included that in both SR3 and SR4
  3. This is one of my fave sr2 things :D

    Yep, that's all in the game. It isn't a one time only mission thing either like in SRTT and SRIV - any time a song that the specific Boss voice can sing starts on the radio while driving, they might sing along. The Xbox 360 version even has an achievement for it.
  4. Maybe The Protagonist and Pierce are gonna be singing Money by Dudley Perkins during the Saints Row 5 mission called It's Showtime.
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  5. lol this just made my day
  6. I believe he is going to sing it with Daniel on the "Black Market" mission, since Pierce dies on the prologue.
  7. same lol when I found it I just loved it. its just the raw voice files.
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  8. good work of finding this
  9. WHAT?
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