Homies & NPCs That's Not In The Script!!!

Looks like Andy Zhen screwed up big time. We've got actors saying each other's lines, people appearing in the wrong scenes... And the wardrobe department were clearly not paying attention at all. Never the less, the show must go on.

Character Replacements:
Pierce - Super Pierce
Birk/Nyteblade - Gat/Gangstas In Space Gat
Gat/Zombie Gat - Birk/Nyteblade
Shaundi - Super Shaundi
Oleg - Space Brutina
Kinzie - Super Kinzie
Zimos - Safeword Zimos
Angel - Wrestling Angel
Hilda - Fun Shaundi
Johanna - Aisha
Helena - Super Asha
Nelle - Lin
Forrest - Julius
Taylor - Maero
Roland - Playa (SR1 Default)
Bud - Donnie (ETD)

Loren - Dane Vogel
Viola & Kiki - Bloody Cannoness
Matt - MI6 Matt
Killbane - Gangstas In Space Killbane

Temple - Genki
Kia - Melissa
STAG Soldiers - Mascots

All these character models are replaced in Gameplay, Cutscenes, & Gang Customization... And they're replaced as Homies too.
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