SuperUI v2.7 (No exit prompts in menus, HUD enhancements, better Weapons Cache & More!)

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  1. I wish we could rebind the food keys (for me I would do F1-F4) when holding Q, that 1sec I lose by lifting the mouse and searching/confirming the food item is alot of damage that lv 4-5 notoriety mission can put on me
    I tried looking at my setting file (from Appdata-THQ) in notepad++ but it's a dat file so it does not show up as readable text/show as unidentified symbols
    May I also know which file is it that has the liquor and food shops item description strings, and if they can be edited in notepad or how?
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  2. The mod missions don't seem to do anything with the superUI 2.7,
    if a fix comes out I would like to know which files (inc lua etc) are for the modded missions section cos there are some things I wanna keep modded how I tweaked eg sr2_city_missions xtbl
  3. SR2's keyboard input system is highly abstracted and nope, it is not possible to detect F1-F4 from UI scripts.

    Food descriptions table is located at the beginning of "liquor_store.lua".
    Code (Lua):

    -- Food item description table, taken from drugs.xtbl [nclok1405]
        ["the_fist1"] = "DRUG_FIST_DESC",
        ["burgera1"] = "DRUG_TWIN_DESC",
        ["chicken_bazooms"] = "DRUG_CHICK_DESC",
        ["blunt"] = "BLUNT_DESC",
        ["40oz"] = "40OZ_DESC",
        ["large_softdrink"] = "DRUG_SODA_DESC",
        ["the_fist"] = "DRUG_FIST_DESC",
        ["burgera"] = "DRUG_TWIN_DESC",
        ["grecian_juice"] = "DRUG_GRECIAN_DESC",
        ["steaming_kabob"] = "DRUG_SODA_DESC",    -- Lacks unique flavor text
        ["hot_gyro"] = "DRUG_HOT_GYRO_DESC",
        ["coffee"] = "DRUG_COFFEE_DESC",
        ["donut_holes"] = "DRUG_HOLES_DESC",
        ["brown_donut"] = "DRUG_DONUT_DESC",
        ["belly_jelly_donut"] = "DRUG_JELLY_DONUT_DESC",
        ["lil_gyro"] = "DRUG_LIL_GYRO_DESC",
        ["dong_tea"] = "DRUG_TEA_DESC",
        ["strange_egg_roll"] = "DRUG_EGG_ROLL_DESC",
        ["sum_old_guy"] = "DRUG_OLD_GUY_DESC",
        ["sum_yung_guy"] = "DRUG_YUNG_GUY_DESC",
        ["40oz1"] = "40OZ_DESC",
    To change the description text, change the text inside the double-quotation marks. For example, to change the description of The Fist, change both instances of "DRUG_FIST_DESC" to something. (One instance is for Freckle Bitch's and the other for Hard Charred Burgers)

    Code (Lua):

        ["the_fist1"] = "The Fist uses powerful ingredients to empower your mind.",
    -- ...
        ["the_fist"] = "The Fist uses powerful ingredients to empower your mind.",
    If sounds like you are using a "sr2_city_missions.xtbl" from other mods. Make sure you're using the "sr2_city_missions.xtbl" from SuperUI mod before playing a mod mission.

    The following files are responsible for mod missions:
    • sr2_city_missions.xtbl: Mission Definitions (used by SR2's game engine)
    • sui_mission_list.lua: Mod Mission List (used by UI)
    • mm_*.lua: Mod Mission Scripts
    • mm_*.cts: Mod Mission CoordinaTeS (list of navpoints, triggers, vehicles, NPCs used by a mod mission)
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  4. Thanks, I found out I was tweaking the city missions to cost more respect
    and while moving back and forth with every file that I tweak from sr2 I forgot to triple check the city missions in Place your mods here Folder!
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