SuperUI v2.7 (No exit prompts in menus, HUD enhancements, better Weapons Cache & More!)

Discussion in 'Compilations' started by nclok1405, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. The map reset bug is more or less related to post-game gang control. I had that issue alot with that mod installed.
  2. how do i remove the post-game gang control or fix it
  3. When installing gotr untick that mod option. However i havent bothered with the gotr patch builder in ages now
  4. [​IMG]theres an issue when i load the game with caboose's wheel mod, it gets stuck at 40% with the random loading message next to it, really want to play this mod but it looks like i wont be able to

    [EDIT] ok wheel mod is causing the issue, gonna have to get caboose to see why. probably due to its age
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  5. It's a nice work. Thank you!
  6. Ugh. I'm about to just remove all my mods off this site lmao. Most of my mods are old, outdated and are not other mod friendly, most of my mods were made with gotr ONLY in mind. My mods were not made to be compatible with any other mod than stock gotr. In order to make mods compatible you would legit have to take any mods files that are the same and compare them in notepad or something and manually make the changes. If you want to install multiple mods together make sure they don't use the same exact files, and if they do you HAVE to cross compare the files and manually update the changes for the mods to work together. Or you will get what you are experiencing, crashes, never ending loading etc etc.
  7. I really like this but I recall having crashing issues when switching outfits. Could be a vanilla issue as well for all I know because this happens without the mod, but only on a save where i previously had this installed. I also sometimes crash right before finishing missions
  8. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    Crashing in the outfit screen is a common vanilla bug that from what I have heard is even persent in the console versions of the game.
  9. I was wondering with lua if it would be possible to make the beds in cribs functional. Add a new node and when clicked it skips time 6 hours or so. Would be kind of immersive. I was thinking something similar to the game Bully
  10. One more question, in multiplayer when you bring up the pause menu, the game doesnt pause. Would that be able to be brought over to singleplayer? A dark-souls type of mod.
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