SuperUI v2.1 (No exit prompts in menus, HUD enhancements, better Weapons Cache & More!)

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by nclok1405, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. I was really hyped for your texture pack but just about everyday you are adding "Non sr1 features" to a "Texture Pack", I like your idea of a "Texture Pack", but it's no longer a "Texture Pack", you just need to rename your mod to something else at this point tbh. I'm not hating that you want to add more features, but I wish you would stay to the "OG" feeling of "SR1" to be a "Texture Pack", do you see where I am coming from? For instance the Red Alert mod you made is sick, I do like the addition of it being make up etc but that's not in sr1. I wish you stuck to it being only a car aspect, release the red alert everything else as a separate mod for those that might want it. Same for Super UI, what does that have to do with sr1, or your texture pack at all? Just let users install it separately from this post nclock made if they want it.

    All i'm saying is from my aspect IMO it just makes 0 sense and you are now just adding random stuff to a "Texture Pack". Hell if anything work with janson on his sr1 animation's etc, and masakoteam's drugs etc. Those would be good addons to your Texture pack even though they aren't related however are related to sr1 in every aspect of the way.

    @nclok1405 awesome job on Super UI it's looking great man keep it up!
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  2. Hmmm, I guess you're right about adding non-SR1 stuff. This mod has nothing to do with SR1 but I can however release the next version of my Texture Pack without this mod and the other gang type mods like the Freckle Bitch's gang, and the all Female 80's Beach gang and ect. I also have plans to add back the colors of SR1 to vehicle customization at a later date.

    Edit: I have renamed The Return of Red Alert to SR1 Vehicle Colors Restored for SR2 (aka The Return of Red Alert!) and Im redoing the mod for vehicles only.
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  3. Alright bud sorry I was hoping I wasn't gonna make you mad with my comment about it, it was just more my personal opinion on the matter, but I would love to see ll of the original sr1 vehicle colors back, would be awesome!
  4. I have an idea, why not redo some more menus than just the pause screen?
    For example, the clothing menu.
    Instead of having the location on the top bar (left to right) (upper body, lower body, etc)
    Have the categories be in a list top to bottom

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  5. SuperUI v1.7.1 released. Fixed a bug that the GSI (The mission status indicator at the top-left corner) stops working after playing a Racing.

    Not sure if I can do that. The wardrobe menu will require total-rewrite and the game pretty much expects the horizontal bar to exist.
  6. I can edit out the horizontal bars texture, it would just seem more in line with the Modern UI to have a sr3 styled wardrobe menu.
  7. SuperUI v1.8 released. It now comes with modified language files (*.le_strings) so I can make changes to many texts in the game without much Lua-side hacks and fix localization bugs in Japanese file (static_JP.le_strings).

    SR2's menu graphics style is very different from SRTT and onward, but with many texture editing it could be more interesting.
    Texture editing is currently out of my scope and ability, but maybe you can create a menu theme mod on your own.
  8. I really just wanted to change it from horizontal to vertical as a style change. Textures would just be removing the horizontal bar background.
  9. Do you think its possible to add controller scheme B from the xbox 360 version of SR2? Its impossible to recreate it with pc's controller remapping menu. (it puts accelerate and reverse on the triggers, but if you try to replicate this on pc it will always overlap with the left and right hand attack buttons)
  10. When playing multi-player (not co-op) there is a permanent timer affixed to the crosshair counting upwards from when a game starts to when it ends. Is this a glitch?
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