SuperUI for SRTT Classic v1.2 (Detailed Notoriety HUD, Enhanced Crib Menu & more!)

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  1. 11/10, Great job.
  2. F13


    Here you go

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  3. Very , very NICE . Love It

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  4. Nice! I hope the author eventually comes back to this mod (he seems to be still active) and implements this.
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  5. SuperUI for SRTT Classic v1.0 released.


    v1.0 (July 6, 2020)
    * This mod is now renamed to "SuperUI for SRTT Classic" to make it clear that this is only for the 2011 Classic version of SRTT.
    * Gang notoriety icons are stars again. (Thanks F13 for the base texture! but the shadows behind the HUD went missing so I further modified it)
    * Tattoo Parlor and Plastic Surgeon menus in crib now uses the crib menu background.
    * Added "Quit to Desktop" in Pause Menu.
    * Added Machinima mode, enabled by setting "SUI_MACHINIMA" to true in vint_lib.lua. Objective markers and DLC unlock messages are disabled if this mode is enabled.
    * Added "SUI_OVERRIDE_M07" flag in game_lib.lua which enables a modder to override m07.lua "Return to Steelport" mission.
    * Homie indicators now autohides when there are no homie-related changes for a while.
    * Moving the mouse no longer instantly unhides the weapon circle.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention but special thanks goes for Rick/gibbed to finding the Machinima Mode.
    SuperUI fixes some bugs:
    * To prevent softlock, entering the clip list without any clips adds a dummy unselectable "NONE" entry.
    * DLC unlock screens are disabled.
    * HUD visibility in "Hide HUD" mode can be customized in vint_lib.lua.
    Various other glitches and crashes remain though... we're just really, really lucky that this thing made it into the release version.

    EDIT2: v1.1 now available (see the post below)
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  6. SuperUI for SRTT Classic v1.1 released.

    v1.1 (July 11, 2020)
    * Added HUD display toggle in SuperUI options menu.
    * Pause/Resume and Menu Transition animations are now faster.
    * You can override Subtitle font size in vint_lib.lua. (SUI_SUBTITLE_SIZE)
    * Mission Complete screen's Respect award sequence is skipped if the player's level is already at 50.
    * Diversion Status (purple circles shown at the top-right corner of the screen) is now hidden in Machinima Editor.
    * Removed Video Export button in Machinima Editor because it is broken.

    You can now customize the subtitle size from vint_lib.lua's SUI_SUBTITLE_SIZE variable.
    This is how it looks like in 1280x720 Windowed with "SUI_SUBTITLE_SIZE = 1.0" setting:

    EDIT: v1.2 released.

    v1.2 (July 12, 2020)
    * Added "Missions" option to Tutorials setting which will display tutorial popups in missions only.
    * By default, screen fade animations are faster now. I also added screen fade related settings to vint_lib.lua.
    * Added SuperUI version info in Extras menu.
    * The game no longer shows a confirmation dialog when you are about to cancel a mission during the "Pre-mission" phonecall.
    * Fixed a bug of m03.lua "We're Going to Need Guns" that Friendly Fire's yellow marker remain in replay.
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  7. I have a question that's slightly unrelated to the mod but you seem to be the most knowledgable person about this topic: Would it be possible to change the decimal separator for numbers in SR3 to a comma and the thousands separator to a spacing (aka. the European format)? It's not something I have a big problem with but I've been wondering if it's doable.
  8. Made an experimental mod using an unused function "get_char_in_string". Overwrite your vint_lib.lua with this one.
    I hope it works well and doesn't cause glitches in unrelated things.
    Note it only affects cash display in HUD and main Cellphone header. Stats menu is unaffected and a bit more involved.

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  9. Does this mod can run alongside with the "things to do in steelport" superpack ?
  10. Many thanks! Also, I've noticed something while scrolling through the file. There are functions to swap the ui icons between x360 and ps3 icons when using a gamepad, depending on the platform (with x360 icons being set for PC for obvious reasons). Does it mean I could get the ps3 icons to appear if I edited those functions properly (adding a bool would probably be enough) or are these functions just a leftover and the icons are not even in the game files?
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