SuperUI for SRIV v0.8 (No exit prompt in menus, Enhanced Gateway menu & more!)

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by nclok1405, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. SuperUI for SRIV v0.7 released. Added Grand Finale Part Four Time Attack mode to Toolbox. How fast can you kick Zinyak's ass?

    My current best is 8:04.058. Not really good because I constantly hide behind cover...
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  2. SuperUI for SRIV v0.8 released. You can now bring Special Forces Pierce and Shaundi into freeroam by replaying Zero Saints Thirty and cancelling it.
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  3. in my game the gateway dessapears idk why
  4. Are you using any other mods with SuperUI? Note other mods that modifies UI are not compatible.
    What version of SRIV you are currently using?
  5. i am using this next mods :
    additional cheats
    all clothing of sandox +
    clothing colors
    funnyplay unlock
    gpsinfoscreens + animation mod
    mission replay
    no power armor
    player colors
    re-textured eyes
    and zin soldiers
    my version is the most recent steam update, idk if some of this mods are actually do some issues
  6. Your version of SRIV is good but looks like you have lots of incompatible mods installed.

    The following mods definitively conflicts with SuperUI:
    * "all clothing of sandox +": A similar feature already exists in SuperUI (Gateway's Clothing Store lets you buy any clothes of the game)
    * "clothing colors": Included in SuperUI in a heavily modified form
    * "mission replay": Included in SuperUI in a heavily modified form
    * "no power armor": Included in SuperUI but disabled by default (to enable it, open "game_lib.lua" with a text editor and change "SUI_OUTFIT = true" to "SUI_OUTFIT = false")

    The following mods are okay (I use them regularly with SuperUI):
    * additional cheats
    * sandbox+

    I'm not sure about:
    * funnyplay unlock
    * gpsinfoscreens + animation mod
    * player colors
    * re-textured eyes
    * zin soldiers

    In general, if a mod replaces vint_doc_containers.asm_pc or patch_vint_doc_containers.asm_pc, that might cause issues with SuperUI.
    I'd recommend removing all mods, install SuperUI first, and install the remaining non-conflicting mods.
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  7. thank you for te help :)
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