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  1. Hello. Here is my Superman suit mod. It's the suit only, minus the cape. The cape you see in the shots is an image variant I made of Admixon's Dracula Cape (cpeg files). The cape is great (check it out) but not mine to give out in any form.

    For the suit, just extract the zip file, place it in your SRIV install folder and update the customize_item.asm_pc file (which should also be placed in the install folder). Hopefully, someone out there with more skills than me will create another cape mod (Admixon we're talking to you;)) that will go well with this suit and many more. Enjoy.

    Superman suit 1.jpg Superman suit 2.jpg Admixon's Cape Variant.jpg Superman Headshot.jpg
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  2. Can Use for female.?

  3. how to update customize_item.asm_pc in saints row 4?
    what does that even mean?
  4. Sorry for the confusion. It's been a while since I've posted a new mod, so I install them in the way that I first learned how. In order to change the image of a suit or character image, in-game, you have to update the original image data, which is usually contained in an ASM file. The tools needed to update this kind of file can be found here:

    Installing mods now may be different than the way I first learned, so you might want to check around on this site for more up to date instructions. The updated zip file, now contains the Superman suit for males and females. I hope this helps.

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  5. upload_2021-2-20_16-5-48.png
    how to use this shit?
  6. all the time they write that you need to use these tools.
    but no one specifies how to use them
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