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  1. The Super Genkibowl Homies mod will enhance the Genkibowl VII DLC homies. The idea of this mod was inspired from the VTOL Air Support mod and Enhanced DLC Homies mod.
    You will need the Genkibowl VII DLC for Saints Row The Third.
    To Install-Drop the files into the installation directory of SR3-C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row The Third
    To Remove- Remove dlc1_character.xtbl and dlc1_homies.xtbl from SR3 installation directory
    What the mod does:
    -CheapyD arrives in a Saints Tornado with another Saints soldier.
    -Angry Tiger arrives in a Bear APC with 3 Saints soldiers and 2 zombies.
    -Sexy Kitten arrives in a Yarnie
    -Sad Panda arrives with a tiger on a Pony Cart pulled by a Saint.
    -Tammy arrives with Bob, Zach, and Professor Genki on a Genkimobile
    -Two homies come with Yarnie Delivery now. They are just extra reinforcements.
    Known Issues (These issues might not occur on your PC):
    -The tiger's and the Saint's pulling the Pony Cart torso sinks into the ground for a few seconds right after Sad Panda hops off of the Pony Cart. However,
    everything becomes normal after a few seconds.
    -The positions and animations on the Pony Cart are sometimes buggy.
    -The tiger has no walking animation and cannot attack.
    -Some homie animations may be weird, especially when on the Pony Cart. Installing the Sandbox mod will help resolve this problem.
    -I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using this mod with the Sandbox mod and the Shitface Npc Behavior mod.
    -This is my first mod. Please leave any comments or suggestions in the forum. I would like some feedback on making better mods. Thanks!
    Images of the mod working in the game are below.
    angrytiger_1.jpg angrytiger_2.jpg cheapyd_1.jpg angrytiger_1.jpg angrytiger_2.jpg cheapyd_1.jpg cheapyd_2.jpg cheapyd_3.jpg sadpanda_1.jpg sadpanda_2.jpg sexykitten_1.jpg tami_1.jpg tami_2.jpg

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  2. I don't have access to anyone besides CheapyD and AngryTiger (which I believe I got her during the DLC) but I cannot get the other two
  3. rastaman289

    rastaman289 Modding patch tester

    It's because of the limits . He added too many homies so the one that were under won't be accessible .
  4. perfect
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