Super Fast Cars And VTOLs+ (v1.01 - Adds missed VTOLs+)

Discussion in 'Other mods' started by supermodder, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. ! Vehicles replace their originals
    All vehicles have the following:
    - No Cam Shaking At High Speeds
    - Vehicles do not de-spawn until much further away from player(300% of default distance)
    - -- If you do not want this then do not copy distant_vehicle_spawn_parameters.xtbl to your install dir.
    - Vehicles spawn 25% more than default during the day and 25% less than default at night, resulting in 75% and 25% respectively.

    All modified automobiles have also received the following:
    - Increased drift speed
    - Full drifting speed conserve factor

    ATTRAZIONE ALLONS-Y (SUPER FAST, did not adjust controls but is still super easy since original turns so sharply)
    - 800 Torque
    - 12k Max RPM
    - 3.08 Gear Diff. Ratio
    - With Gear ratios more similar to a Corvette:
    - 1st: 2.29
    - 2nd: 2.0
    - 3rd: 1.5
    - 4th: 1.02
    - 5th: 0.8
    - 6th: 0.67
    - Max speed not actually tested but hard capped at 400, 500 with nitrous(don't believe it actually reaches these speeds with specified torque + rpms, but maybe)

    RAYVIPEY (Speeds and ratios set to resemble + match that of a Viper; turning not adjusted)
    - 793 Torque
    - 6250 Max RPM
    - Gear Ratios:
    - 1st: 2.66
    - 2nd: 1.82
    - 3rd: 1.30
    - 4th: 1.0
    - 5th: 0.8
    - 6th: 0.5
    - Max speed 220, 300? with nitrous

    - Temptress changed to match gear ratios + speed + weights close to that of Lamborghini.
    - 3.08 Gear Diff. Ratio
    - Gear Ratios(1st-6th, too lazy to format atm):

    VTOL(now 4 different models changed, 2 listed as F69 now F69ers, CONDOR now CONDOR 200 and SAINTS VTOL now SAINTS PURP-VTOL)
    - Air Engine Acceleration increased to 200(Feels much more like you're lying a real jet, much faster)
    - Max speeds increased to 10k(NEVER reaches this with 200 Engine Accel anyways and any higher engine accelaration results in constant uncontrolled loops/barrels)

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  2. I really really like it but would it but I feel like the vtol pitches up too much due to the extra speed. It makes precision flying harder because unless your aiming down to counteract the upward pitch, you climb. Is there any way to mitigate that?
  3. Amazing mod, I've been trying to figure out this myself , also does this enable the Saints VTOL, if it doesn't how do I get it?
  4. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    You buy the DLC when it's available.
  5. I only tried the distant_vehicle_spawn_parameters.xtbl in install dir because there is always sudden "vehicle-spawn" ahead of camera ingame.But I've no idea how the parameters work.
    Is there anyway to extend the view-distance for vehicles, even pedestrian or building?
  6. Sounds like a plan :D
  7. Unfortunately, the settings in distant_vehicle_spawn_parameters.xtbl seem to apply to ... distant vehicles, which means the fake vehicles you see out beyond the visibility range of normal vehicles.

    I'm also looking for a way to increase the vehicle density and draw distance, but haven't seen anything misc_tables that would seem to do it. Was there an increased vehicle/ped density mod for SR2? If so the mechanism would likely be the same.

    There are some files like "spawn_info_categories.xtbl" that likely have something to do with which things spawn where/when, but editing anything in here would be a nightmare... and you would think there would be an overall density setting somewhere. The view distance stuff might be harder, as it's entirely possible that's coded into the graphics settings (in display.ini it mentions that one of the settings controls draw distance).
  8. I've changed the "Lift_Factor" of the wings and elevators to "1" and "12.5". Now it flies straight. :)
  9. Which values in which file did you change? Could I see a copy of it?
  10. As I've said, I've changed "Lift_Factor" in all the "wing" and "elevator" sections to "1" and "12.5". The file is "sp_vtol01_veh.xtbl". It says "F69 VTOL" in the name section. You could have found that out by yourself.
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