Super Ethical Pack v4.0 Remastered

The new updates broke Sandbox+
Classic Weather and TOD does not work with latest update, makes visuals all black.
I suppose until we get a fix and if it's possible to even fix these issues, we could downgrade in the meantime. I know of a method for the steam version with the help of SteamDB but I forgot how to pull it off as it has been a while since I did this and I was doing it for the first time too.
Is there any place where I can see all the differences of the shades? I just installed the ReShade Program and I don't know what all of these things do to the game :D
Isn't the shader preset supposed to change the look of the game? Or is it only the choice of the presets in that ini? I thought that one preset would instantly change the look without me having to chose and activate them myself because I have no idea which one I have to activate so the games looks better xD