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  1. Changes fine aim into a full speed run n gun semi-fps view.

    I have yet to change fine aim while crouched I kinda liked it that way but, I will tune it somewhat closer shortly.

    I personally had no use for fine aim and never use it while I play
    also I have alota love for arena-fps and prolly been playing to much firefall etc...
    so I changed fine aim to be more of a change of view button.

    I normally don't make scripting mods I'm more of an modeling, materials, artwork type. So I threw this little thing together and figured I'd share. feel free to use it, your probably better at this then I am all I did was alter a few values.

    View the Read_me if you'd like to merge this with any other mods you may have, or if you just wanna see what I changed.

    uploaded some screens



    Thanks to Minimaul for packfile tutorials

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  2. How does this effect the scope on the sniper rifle and the lock-on ability of the rocket launcher?
  3. not at all, both appear to function normally.
  4. This is a great mod, and I hope eventually we'll see an "ironsight" mod where the camera looks down the ironsights or scope of the weapon, however with the different weapon costumes, I feel that'd be rather difficult to achieve. For now, good job with this one.
  5. Pratically we would need to make fine aim act like this:

    Pressed the fine aim button
    camera zoom in the position of the ironsights
    all player animation stops (for the weapon not merging with the camera) until you exit fine aim mode

    it would look somehow like Battlefield 2's ironsight system, where when in fine aim mode, the weapon is replaced by the image of an ironsight, not the real gun model
  6. BTW this mod really brings an firearms special ability, like MP3's Bullet Time
  7. Does this work on SR3?
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