Stilwater Caverns: Zombies Edition (Mission Mod) v0.2

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  1. Stilwater Caverns: Zombies Edition v0.2 (November 24, 2018)
    Download: stilwater_caverns_zombies_v0.2.7z


    == Description ==
    This mod replaces bums in Stilwater Caverns stronghold to zombies. Stilwater Caverns got invaded by 70 zombies. Go kill them all.
    Yes, these zombies are real ones from Zombie Uprising, and they can rape you (tap 1 and 2 keys repeatedly to escape).
    This is a Proof of Concept mission so don't expect too much. These zombies are really weak during normal mode with your arsenal of weapons, and some of them are sometimes really brain dead and do nothing.

    Special Thanks to MasakoTeam and CabooseSayzWTF for inspiration and info!

    == Changelog ==
    Stilwater Caverns: Zombies Edition v0.2 (November 24, 2018)
    * Do not start the gameplay until the zombies and survivors are fully loaded
    * Randomize the starting position of the survivors
    * Added "Zombies Killed:" label to the HUD

    Stilwater Caverns: Zombies Edition v0.1 (November 12, 2018)
    * Initial Release

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  2. Arondight

    Arondight Modding patch tester

    That cave became creepy :eek:
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  3. Thanks for the credit of inspiration, but how did I inspire you or inform you? I just now saw this lol, I haven't really been getting on here much. But much thanks regardless, and this is sick af! I thought about doing this some time ago but never got around to doing it, I wasn't really bothered to go about doing it also considering I made the open world z mod, which is horribly scrapped together lol *I mean seriously that mod is garbage, but fun to play* I wished to improve it, but I just don't have the time. I almost completely forgot everything I even did to make that mod work in the first place. I know I did some mesh swaps, animation edits, category edits, health edits and so on lol. If you wish to touch down on my open world z mod and improve it I give you complete permission to. The only things I couldn't get to work that I wanted to work *couldn't figure out anyways* Make zombie not do the "cheer animation" cheer animation was replaced with zombie walk if I remember correctly. I also wanted it where more than 2 zombies attack at a time. I also wanted to remove all ambient npcs aka all npcs except for zombies and other gangs ...saints gang removed... if feesible.. and make it where zombies can not pick up temp weapons *mailboxes, poles, garbage cabs so on and so forth*

    My idea for a v2 was to use your little trick with category settings, make category always be a specific spawn category via your command you found, and have said category have only the zombie npcs, and some gang members, maybe keep the animation table the same or some edits.. I did the best I could with animations as it was my first attempt at that big of a mod lol. Then rebalance the weapons *like what gangs can drop when you kill them", maybe make some changes to zombie cash drop. Have zombies all on same team, and same personality , have a max of 3 gang npcs in the zombie category on a diff team so they will try to kill the zombies. And each gang npc being that of all diff gangs, you would achieve this via editing there actual npc files. Make it where zombies can not pick up temp weapons via editing the world objects files? In said objects files it list every single temp weapon, and I believe there was "can be picked up, or used as weapon" flags, however I could be wrong.
    But this was only a idea I never got around too and currently just don't have the time.

    This was my idea for a v2 more or less because it's more clean, less files used, cleaner code all around. Better stability
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