Steelport Flashback Movie Festival

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Steelport Flashback Movie Festival Billboards mod by IdolNinja and JediDave

Mayor Reynolds has just worked out a back alley deal with the MPAA and acquired the rights to the very best 80s and 90s classic movies to show at the annual Steelport Movie Flashback Festival this year. As part of the city wide promotion, this mod updates all the in-game billboards with tons of classic movie posters to get everyone in the mood.



1. Find the following 2 files in the \cache subfolder where you have SRTT installed:

..\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third\packfiles\pc\cache\sr3_city_0.vpp_pc
..\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third\packfiles\pc\cache\sr3_city_1.vpp_pc

2. Copy both sr3_city_0.vpp_pc and sr3_city_1.vpp_pc to this extracted folder where this readme and batch file is for the mod.

3. Run patch_srtt_billboards.bat batch file and go make yourself something to eat. The patching process takes ~20 minutes since it has to extract and work with ~5000 files. You will get a completion splash screen when the batch is finished doing its work.

4. Browse to the MY_CUSTOM_BILLBOARDS folder and you should see a ton of new files created. Half of them are str2_pc and the other half are the matching asm_pc files.

5. Move all of these newly created files to your SRTT install folder with the game exe:
..\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third\

6. Grab some popcorn and let's go the movies!



Back to the Future
Karate Kid
Star Wars
Blade Runner
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Return of the Living Dead
Army of Darkness
Top Gun


Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Romancing the Stone
They Live
The Last Starfighter
A Clockwork Orange
Smokey and the Bandit
Flash Gordon
Buckaroo Banzai
Big Trouble in Little China
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome


Die Hard
Fifth Element
Escape from New York
Friday 13th

*Special thanks to BadMadScientist for the Friday 13th billboard



* The airport terminal and surrounding area have quite a few unique billboards that only appear there.

* If you are far enough away it shows the original vanilla billboard for a second but changes over to the new one when you get slightly nearer. It's probably something with the LOD. It's most noticeable when you're on the hoverbike or VTOL and can see really far.

* There is one billboard named billboard_mbrawl_a_d.cvbm_pc that I absolutely could not find in the game files despite multiple indexed searches. I even combed through all 5 airport streaming files looking for any/all texture files that were close in size to 86kb (the standard billboard size) with no luck. This is obviously the Killbane walking apocalypse one you can see at the airport terminal. I am completely stumped on this one.



To uninstall the mod and revert back to vanilla billboards, simply delete all the str2_pc and asm_pc files that were created by this batch file from the root of your SRTT install. The modded billboard files should be pretty easy to recognize since they all start with 4 numbers and are the range 0714 - 1816.







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Here's an idea of what I'm going for with one of the vertical LCD downtown replacements. You can see the progression from left to right as I cloned out the text and then added the font letter by letter using Bookman Old Style and pushing them closer together to get it looking more like the original poster font.

I do still need to tweak the font positioning and add a drop shadow but I want to see if any edges get cut off in-game first. Plus, I may not even need a drop shadow considering all the LCD "noise" happening as it's displayed.

I don't think I need to do anything to it. Looks gorgeous in-game:


well, maybe lower the font a little and also line up the e and d at the end of Karate and Kid... ;)
I know this predates the 80s but I think this movies
black comedic theme would sit well in Steelport.
Indeed it would, my fine droog. I always did fancy a bit of the old ultra-violence.
Great Scott!


Cut out the logo and made it transparent, fixed the color to give it more pop, cloned the left side of the frame to extend it, added a logo drop shadow, and added the "Heading back to theaters" text. Not really happy with the font choice. I've been poking around looking at their sans serif free ones, but still haven't found a good movie poster one I like yet. Any font recommendations would be appreciated.
Idol, I am LOVING this Idea. Although I am sorry to say I don't know what font would be good.
I will Definitely DL this when its done!
You have some great taste in films, I think I have about three quarters of these in my DVD collection. I thought I would take a break from working on skins and do something that doesn't have any lumps, bumps or stretching. I have taken nine from the list and also one of my own. I thought I would throw in my two pence worth with The Return of the Living Dead, one of the best horrors of the eighties in my opinion.

Tell me what you think, and if you like them any changes or tweaks you want doing as I still have the original photoshop documents.

tremors.jpg tron.jpg commando.jpg diehard.jpg bigtrouble.jpg cobra.jpg escape.jpg ALIENS.jpg robocop.jpg livingdead.jpg


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JediDave, you are a man of exceptional taste and I salute you. I am also a massive fan of Return of the Living Dead. It's one of my all-time favorite movies and I have seen it dozens of times, so am happy to include it. I also love every single billboard you've done, with the exception of the Aliens one which looks a bit photoshop-y over an in-movie screenshot. I was planning to do a vertical LCD billboard for Tron and have the light beam go up the length of it which should look pretty cool. Feel free to tackle that if you want. Here are some I just threw together tonight.

EDIT: Hmm.. I think I want to do the Big Trouble in Little China one as a vertical LCD as well using the other poster art that's featured on the blu/dvd cover. I'll see how that one turns out in comparison to yours. FYI - I also have some plans for the rest of the vertical LCD ones for these movies:
Top Gun
Buckaroo Banzai




I've locked in a list of 37 billboards which is everything available for us to use:

HORIZONTAL BILLBOARDS (also accounts for the Joe Cola, Blank, and STAG ones)
Cobra - DONE
Die Hard - DONE
Tremors - DONE
Commando - DONE
Escape from New York - DONE
Big Trouble in Little China - DONE
Buckaroo Banzai - DONE

I have plans for these horizontal ones:
Flash Gordon
Army of Darkness
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Not sure on direction for these horizontal ones yet
The Last Starfighter
Smokey and the Bandit
Terminator or T2
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
48 Hours
They Live
A Clockwork Orange
Lethal Weapon
Fifth Element

Karate Kid - DONE
Back to the Future - DONE
Star Wars - DONE
Blade Runner - DONE
Robocop - DONE
Return of the Living Dead - DONE
Tron - DONE
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - DONE
Jaws - DONE
Scarface - DONE
Top Gun - DONE

Room for one more vertical LCD billboard. Need to pick some movie from the horizontal section that would work well.

EDIT: The art for Big Trouble is going to be a bitch to use vertical and still keep details like the smg. I think I'll stick with JediDave's horizontal version of the other alt poster art.

EDIT: List updated with status