Steampunk Chic Stockings Fix

This small tweak to customization_items.xtbl fixes a layering issue with the Steampunk Chic skirt. Because of the VIDs that were obscured on the skirt, the stockings would appear to layer below certain textures/effects. That's all this mod changes.

2022 edit: This mod SHOULD still work with the new Re-Elected release, but as it's also bundled into F13's Pentagon Patch, I'd recommend just checking that out instead.

(And even if you aren't using the Re-Elected version, this has been bundled into Fan of Saints' Things To Do In Dominatrix pack for a long-ass time)

Mod Compatibility
While this mod edits the default game's customization_items.xtbl, adding it to a file added by a separate mod is pretty simple. Locate the code for "cf_nlmf_lbdy_f_skirtholster" within the file, and replace it with this:
                        <VID_List>0 62 221</VID_List>
                <Category>Entries:Nobody Loves Me:Nobody Loves Me Female F</Category>
            <Slot>lower body</Slot>


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I just checked the file included in your archive and you used outdated 'customization_items.xtbl' from 'misc_tables.vpp_pc' - please, think of the children and update it with the one from 'patch_compressed.vpp_pc'. ;)
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It won't be compatible out of the box, but you can make it work by editing the customization_items.xtbl from Extended Wardrobe if you look at the Mod Compatibility section of this page.

I already edit that , but nothing change.
Maybe I am silly , < Locate the code for "cf_nlmf_lbdy_f_skirtholster" within the file > I Located That is two of them , replace two of them or something else ?