SRTTR Extracting Tool (menthe sr-tools desktop version)

I succeeded in extracting the SR3 Remastered audio file "radio_newscasts_media.bnk_pc" from "sounds_common.vpp_pc". Further unpacking the bnk_pc file with the following command gives me strange output though:

bnk_pc_extractor.exe radio_newscasts_media.bnk_pc

This gives radio_newscasts_media.txt, and many *.dmav (many megabytes each) + * .bin (file size = 0) files. I expected *.wav files for further consumption with ww2ogg.exe.

Did the content/format of the bank files change with the SR3 Remastered version ?
I'm trying to find a certain texture in the game. Its from one of the cut-scenes. Is it possible with this, and, if so, how?