[SRTT/SRIV] Steelport Racing Club v0.4 (Aug 27, 2017) Custom Mission Mod

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  1. Steelport Racing Club v0.4 (Aug 27, 2017)
    Created by nclok1405

    === Screenshot ===


    === Description ===
    This is a custom mission mod for Saints Row: The Third (SRTT) and Saints Row IV (SRIV).
    This mod aims to bring back one of the most interesting features from Saints Row 2... Street Racing.
    Bring your own car, and pass all checkpoints as fast as possible in the racetrack of eastern Steelport.
    Version 0.4 is currently not co-op tested, although the mission script does account for the presence of the second player. Version 0.3 had fatal bugs that breaks co-op play but hopefully it is fixed in v0.4.

    This mission replaces the following missions.
    • "Return to Steelport" in SRTT
    • "The Real World" ("Break Out of the Simulation" objective in "The Escape" quest) in SRIV
    === Requirements ===
    For both games, a Mission Replay mod (or a modpack that includes it) is required.

    Mission Replay v8 for SRTT by IdolNinja (NOTE: Use the normal version with clothing changes)
    Mission Replay V1.1 for SRIV by Erza Scarlet

    === Installation Steps for Saints Row: The Third ===

    There are two flavors of this mod for SRTT: str2_pc edition and patch_compressed edition.

    "str2_pc edition" is made of str2_pc and asm_pc files like most other mods.

    "patch_compressed edition" requires you to overwrite the game's default patch_compressed.vpp_pc, but does not require updating asm_pc files and thus more compatible with other mods.

    ==== str2_pc edition ====
    Copy m07_modal.str2_pc and all asm_pc files to SRTT's directory. (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row the Third)

    This mod modifies the following asm_pc files which makes it incompatible by default with most mods.
    • patch_vint_doc_containers.asm_pc
    • stream_grid.asm_pc
    • vint_doc_containers.asm_pc
    To make this mod usable with other mods, you need to update the asm_pc files after installing this mod.

    Download VIPER'S UPDATED ASM UPDATER and copy the ASM_Updater folder (including the folder itself) to SRTT directory. This download includes all required tools by Gibbed.
    Then, inside the ASM_Updater folder, launch "Update_ASM_Files - after ADDITION or CHANGE of a mod file.bat".

    ==== patch_compressed edition ====
    To install, backup the original "patch_compressed.vpp_pc" from SRTT's cache directory:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row the Third\packfiles\pc\cache

    Then, copy and overwrite patch_compressed.vpp_pc to SRTT's cache directory.

    === Installation Steps for Saints Row IV ===

    For SRIV, only patch_compressed edition is available. This is because Volition's updated "The Real World" mission script is included in the patch file, and this script cannot be overridden unless the patch file itself is replaced.

    To install, backup the original "patch_compressed.vpp_pc" from SRIV's cache directory:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row IV\packfiles\pc\cache

    Then, copy and overwrite patch_compressed.vpp_pc to SRIV's cache directory.

    === Gameplay Instructions ===
    1. Launch SRTT or SRIV and load your save.
    2. Open the cellphone/HUB. (Tab)
    3. Start the replay of "Return to Steelport" in SRTT, or "The Escape" quest in SRIV.
    4. You will need a car now. Call vehicle delivery, steal a random one, or retrieve yours from Crib/Gateway's garage.
    5. You will be teleported to the racetrack.
    6. This step is only for SRIV. Drive your car to the starting grid. (This is due to the lack of rotation control in SRIV. Player's car always faces wrong direction no matter what.)
    7. Wait for 3-seconds countdown to over.
    8. Go racing!
    9. Finish the race in 2:00 to win a gold medal. 2:20 for silver, and 3:00 for bronze. If you run out of time, you are still allowed to continue racing but you will get a Mission Failed screen at the end. After winning in SRIV, make sure you quickly deactivate the quest from the HUB, otherwise the mission restarts automatically.
    === Changelog ===
    Steelport Racing Club v0.4 (Aug 27, 2017)
    * I played SRIV co-op in v0.3 (Thanks takyaru!) and unfortunately it did not work correctly.
    What worked: Get in a car, teleport to racetrack, drive to starting grid.
    What did not work: Gold Medal expires as soon as the race starts, the checkpoints have no collision detection.
    The latter bug was caused by my oversight: I used a non-existent variable for checking between the partner and a checkpoint's distance. This bug is hopefully fixed in this version.
    The former bug is probably something to do with sharing the HUD timer system between starting countdown and the Gold Medal timer.
    So in order to counter this bug, I changed how the starting countdown looks and works. It now uses "Critical Timer" (Revive Your Homie Box) for displaying the countdown, but the actual countdown is being done on the main mission thread.
    * Added checkpoint's radius display in minimap. It is not always accurate to the actual hitbox but it gives you a rough estimate of the checkpoint's size.
    * Added horizontal speedometer bar in SRIV (doesn't work in SRTT). This is still an experimental feature and must be enabled by pressing the crouch button before getting a car.
    * Extended Bronze Medal timelimit to 40 seconds so slower cars can still finish the mission

    Steelport Racing Club v0.3 (Aug 25, 2017)
    * IMPORTANT!! Moved the SRIV base mission to "The Real World". This is because starting "Hot and Cold" mission will reset the hotspot near Kinzie's Werehouse. Fixing this is technically possible with editing sr3_city.lua, but I instead moved the mission to "The Real World" because editing sr3_city.lua will interfare with Sandbox+ and possibly other mods. Due to replacing The Real World, which its script is included in Volition's patch, the str2_pc edition is no longer available for SRIV.
    * Added an experimental feature: vehicle speed display using Combo HUD. To enable it, press the crouch button before getting in a car.
    * Enlarged the third, fourth, and fifth checkpoint's hitbox so you are less likely to miss them.
    * Disabled ambient cop and gang spawns.
    * Mute the Boss' checkpoint quote after Bronze Medal time is expired. His/Her quotes do not make much sense after you fail.
    * In co-op, the losing player will awarded 50% of winner's cash reward. ($500 for Gold, $125 for Silver, and $25 for Bronze)
    * Radio resumes automatically after teleporting in SRTT.
    * Make all drawbridges down (traffic enabled) in SRTT. The current racetrack is unaffected, but this change is intended for modders who want to create your own racetrack. It is important for bridges to down to ensure the track's compatibility with SRIV.
    * I found that the ammo bug still exists for pistols, so I added temporary weapons as an another workaround. After the race, you will be given back your original weapons with ammo count sanitized.

    Steelport Racing Club v0.2 (Aug 22, 2017)
    * Enlarged second and sixth checkpoint's hitbox so you are less likely to miss them.
    * Disabled random roadblocks.
    * Player's vehicles are now automatically repaired before and after the race.
    * Reduced the cash reward so it now matches with that of Saints Row 2: $1,000 for Gold, $250 for Silver, and $50 for Bronze.
    * The number of players ready is now displayed in HUD when playing in co-op.
    * Changed the messages "Host/Guest's vehicle was destroyed!" "Host/Guest player won!" to more appropriate "Your/Your partner's vehicle was destroyed!" "You/Your partner won!" when playing in co-op.
    * Grenades are removed before the race in SRTT. You will get them back after the race. If for some reason they don't come back, you can buy their ammo from Friendly Fire to restore them, even after you unlock Infinite Grenades.
    * Inserted a small delay before teleporting in SRTT. Now retrieving a vehicle from the crib garage works correctly.
    * The vehicle now correctly and completely stops on the starting countdown in SRIV.
    * Fixed a bug that would give you huge amount of ammo for pistol and SMG after saving and reloading in SRIV. This was proabably caused by disabling all weapon slots in v0.1. In v0.2, the player's currently selected weapon slot is automatically switched to unarmed, and only pistol and SMG slots are disabled.

    Steelport Racing Club v0.1 (Aug 20, 2017)
    * Initial release

    === Credits ===
    Mod by nclok1405
    Thanks to IdolNinja, Fan of Saints, and other contributors of Sandbox+! I learned lots from them!
    Thanks to Gibbbed, Minimaul, and VIPER VENOM for mod tools!
    Thanks to takyaru for playing with me in co-op!
    Also, thanks to Volition for this great game series, as well as Kinzie's Toy Box Lua Document Page:
    This is not always accurate but it still helped me.

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  2. I'm curious if anyone got this mod working.
  3. If you are having trouble, I made a version that overwrites "patch_compressed.vpp_pc".
    This might be easier than regular edition because you don't have to update asm_pc files.
    Please post if it works.
    Also, could someone please report how well it works with co-op? The mission script accounts for the presence of the second player, but currently untested.

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  4. It works, great mod!:)

    Edit: Nice code, full of helpful notes. Honestly I can't pull off anything like this from scratch, so I think this is pretty amazing.
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  5. Updated the mod to v0.2. This version has several improvements, and the archive now contains both str2_pc and patch_compressed editions.
    The archive is now in 7-zip format so please download a software that capable of extracting a *.7z file if you don't have one already.
    Download is in the first post of this topic.

    EDIT: v0.3 now available. Moved the SRIV version to The Real World so watch out.

    Well this is technically not 100% from scratch; I borrowed many codes from missions from vanilla games and Sandbox+.

    EDIT2: Thanks MLVNRT for the amazing video! I can't earn a gold without a fully upgraded Attrazione.
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  7. rastaman289

    rastaman289 Modding patch tester

    That's great, I never knew you could do that with mods .
  8. custom mission? race? how you make custom mission?

    and where do i find the "mod pack" instead of mission replay also it replaces sandbox+ I can't use outdated sandbox+
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