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Discussion in 'Other mods' started by Fierelier, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Vehicles too slow? Raise the top-speed of all land-vehicles by up to 100%! This does not include DLC vehicles as of now. This will conflict with any mod that may edit the handling of vehicles. Note that the top speed might not actually be double, as the gearing for certain vehicles requires adjustment.

    This is my first mod I ever made for the Saints Row and I just want to test the waters. Please do leave criticism, I'd like to know what you guys think. If there is interest, I'll definitely work on adding the DLC vehicles to this and I may add more features. I'm also interested in making similar mods for Saints Row 2 and 4.

    Thank you for checking out my mod!

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  2. Hi,
    couldn't test your mod cause i have only sr4 but I wonder if this could be done with a small lua script.I used the max speed lua command in my info and animation mod
    to increase the speed of vehicles but in my mod the speed resets to defaults if you change
    into another vehicle.But this was just for fun to get higher speed if driving in emty city mode and was not intended to work permanently.But i guess this could be coded in lua
    and may be less work than editing tons of xtbl files.(But its just a guess.)

    Since sr3 has no workshop patch the code would have to be included into the sr3city.lua from the sandbox+ mod but I think it should work.
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  3. Not a bad idea! -- I actually made a Python script to mass-edit the .xtbl files, which made it way easier for me. I would probably go for a script implementation instead, as that would enhance compatibility a lot, however I'll venture to guess that it will be hard to find documentation. I should probably have a look at sandbox+ tho, it might give me some pointers.
  4. Yeah,that helped me alot and also Henry08's tutorials for sr4 and not to forget the mods from FanofSaints especialy the crib mod IdolNinjas sandbox+ and stuff.If i remember right somewhere in the tut section is a html file with all lua commands available ingame.This document is very interesting imo and I'm still finding new things and get new ideas for mods.At sample how to trigger many things with npc's and players like making them dissapear or let them do animations and so on.
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