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Finally finished creating my main characters that I will play as. First playthrough will be done with the male character and the second one I will use the female boss.

I am not too crazy about the hairstyle I gave him I hope the full game has more hairstyles but I am happy with how the face turned out I also gave him prostetic arm since we were supposed to be in Marshall

I really like the how hairstyle and face turned out and I dont think will change her look anymore
They look very cool, for some reason the second one reminds me of a character of far cry 6

I really like the how hairstyle and face turned out and I dont think will change her look anymore
She's really nice. I'm kinda jealous. All my attempts to make female characters, either look too cartoony or have Joe Swanson jawlines.
While waiting for the game, I customized my earlier boss. I'm happy how she turned out.

Also I uploaded her, code is bstxyfk.

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Yeah, fantastic for you. Congratulations, it seems like your game isn't %100 busted.

I created 24 characters on the Boss factory, uploaded all of them, but can only access 5 of them in the full game.

I'd be fine with it, if one of the 5 was the one I was going to use for my first main run... But she's not f###ing there!

If this is on Epic Games' end, then I am done with them... But if it's on Volition's end... Then... WTF!?

I don't know how the system works in the full game, but it says there are 24 slots, and even if it's not linked to the uploaded Bosses, she's in one of the 6 save spots anyway, so why can't I access her in the full game?
I managed to make this character on PC in game but there's issues with exporting her due to the boss factory site not working properly with the game at the moment. I tried remaking her in the boss factory download too but the lighting, skin colour, eyebrows didn't look the same in there and it looked really off. Hopefully I'll get some version of her uploaded if things work better in future though.

Sr5 Screenshot 2022.08.23 -
well, its my attempt to recreate Persona 3's Protagonist, the thing is that i did a long time ago in BF, but when i played, Game didn't had Import ability, so i had to try create him from scratch