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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MistaWhite, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. I put a spoiler tag in the title to be safe, but try to refrain from posting spoilers, mainly because I have yet to beat the game and I'm sure others haven't either. But share any funny situations or glamor shots of your character


    I'm kind of impressed with this one.
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  2. I found it funny because it looks like a superpowered junk-grab.
  3. Even though the position of my character is awkward x_x
  4. Eurotrash

    Eurotrash Banned

    Big head wanka'


    Tiny head wanka'



    All your Broken Shillelagh are belong to us:

  5. Fascinating. Is the Saints VTOL something normally available in-game or is it a cheat/mod/glitch/whatever?
  6. Eurotrash

    Eurotrash Banned

    The STAG F-69 appears in the game in both STAG white and Cyrus variants although unobtainable without hax. The Saints F-69 is a reskin leftover from SR TT so yeah...

    Anyway you can get them all with the Additional Cheats mod.

    EDIT: You can get the other STAG vehicles as well, with all their variants. Except for the N-Forcer Carrier (no machine-gun) and the Specter which seems to be broken atm.
  7. Leaping into a Warden while the Warden was falling from a building. The take down animation froze the fall.

    Doing the QTEs while the Warden falls down to the ground.

    The Warden finally falls to the ground as starts to be absorbed. The angle and action synchronized really well.

    Apologies for the low res pictures, I play SR4 on a potato.
  8. I think something's wrong with my car.
    "Destroy the malware." xD
    My first flight right after getting access to my first gateway.
  9. Saints row 4 in a nutshell
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