Saints Row IV SRIV Pre-workshop Build Testing


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By: IdolNinja

This is a fresh thread for testing and reporting on the pre-workshop build of Saints Row IV. While many players have reported the final Workshop build working correctly for them, we have made this older build available as an opt-in beta to try and help those experiencing co-op disconnects and other issues. This is not replacing the Workshop build, nor will it ever, but rather something you would manually opt-in to as an alternative if you are experiencing these kind of issues. More history here:

With the various reported issues with our initial small test, it will be a little sticky to sort out whether these are random bugs, previous mods interfering, actual bugs from this previous release, or actual build problems. So, I'd like to open up the testing to everyone and I'm going to need very specific information and repro steps from you on any issues you encounter. Our QA will then be comparing these issues to our old SR4 bug database and also doing testing themselves too. That piece will likely start next week.


* Browse to your SR4 install folder and delete all loose files (leave the subfolders)
[Steam client install folder]\steamapps\common\Saints Row IV\

* Delete all modding content (files and folders) in
[Steam client install folder]\steamapps\common\Saints Row IV\mods\

* Unsubscribe from all Workshop mods
In the Steam Client go to the Saints Row IV Community hub and its Workshop page
On the right panel under "Your Workshop Files" click the "Your Files" dropdown and choose "Subscribed items", then manually unsubscribe from all Workshop items listed (Click the Subscribed check mark button on each mod which will unsubscribe it.)

* Manually remove all Workshop files and folders here:
[Steam client install folder]\steamapps\workshop\content\206420

* Delete/Backup/Rename your SRIV save and config folder so it creates a fresh one:
[Steam client install folder]\userdata\[Your unique Steam identifier #]\206420\
NOTE: Renaming the 206420 folder to 206420.old will allow you to restore this at a later date if you have saves for the Workshop build you want to use again. If you don't care then it's safe to just delete the 206420 folder completely.


* Right click on Saints Row IV in your Steam library and choose Properties

* Go to the BETAS tab and enter the following password and click the Check Code button:

* Once the code is accepted, the pre_mod_test branch will be available in the dropdown to select a beta. Select it, and close the Properties window. Steam will then download this beta branch automatically (you should see it kick off in your Downloads Manager immediately.)

Make sure that both you and your co-op partner both do all the above steps before playing together with this test branch.


We will need the following info from you when reporting an issue:

* Be descriptive as possible with detailed steps on what you were doing when the bug happened, including if you were in a mission, activity, open world, were you using a specific weapon or superpower, did you have a homie follower, what vehicle, area of the map, etc.
* Completely close the game, restart, and try to reproduce the same issue with the same steps with the same partner.
* Indicate if you are the host or the client and describe everything in those terms.
* We welcome any supporting screenshots and/or videos, but don't feel obligated to if you don't have the time or means.

We would also like to know from testers if everything is ok with this build; most importantly if co-op is now working correctly with no desyncs or disconnects.

A final reminder that QA resources for this will not be available until next week some time. A lack of response does not mean that we are ignoring reported issues, but rather collating and summarizing them to pass on to QA to look into. Please be patient during this process.
Im having a small problem after testing the pre-workshop build.

I went back to the actual version and the autosave is not working anymore... checked the save files and the game creates two "sr3save" everytime time I launch the game, even after i delete those manually. Im aware this is the old save format, so it could be that the game fails to save because it struggles to read both formats?

Is there a setting, or a file that keeps creating those? Or should i delete the whole game and install it again lol ?
Is there any way to load saves in the post workshop area (I never Downloaded any mods so it's all base game SR4 + Expansion packs) or am I forced to replay through the entire game again?
I figured out how to fix the whole "autosave" problem. Just delete the autosave in-game. You do have to do it twice but once it's gone the feature works perfectly.
Is there any way to load saves in the post workshop area (I never Downloaded any mods so it's all base game SR4 + Expansion packs) or am I forced to replay through the entire game again?
What do you mean by "post workshop area"?