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SRIV Clothes Fixes

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by mikado, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. ClothesFixes.jpg

    If you have suggestion don't hesitate, I'm listening.
    If you want to help me to fix some issues, it's with great pleasure that I will accept your help. ;)

    Like my previous mod "Steelport Gangs DLC fixes", the main goal of this mod is to fix the textures issues of clothes and outfits.
    If you want to use my fixes for your mod, please ask me before.

    1. Extract this archive.
    2. Copy the files of the folder "SRIVClothesFixes" to SRIV install folder :
    ...\steam\SteamApps\common\Saints Row IV\
    3. Launch SRIV and have fun =D

    Here some comparison screenshots, for more informations see "Releases Notes".

    screen01.jpg screen02.jpg screen03.jpg screen04.jpg screen05.jpg promotion.jpg

    WORK IN PROGRESS : (Cross = Done)
    Version 1.3 : N/A

    THANKS :
    To Minimaul for his great tools.
    To Scanti for the Texture utilities.
    To superdemus for the fix for Wild child skirt.
    To everybody that help me to find issues that need to be fixed.

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  2. I inspected most of the clothing and noticed a lot of problems, here are a few. Let me know if you want the rest.
    If you put on the ultor assassin suit and then jump you will notice that the textures stretch under one of the arms.
    If you put on Mat Millers suit it has no glow is that a mistake or intended.
  3. For the Matt Miller suit, I pretty sure that is the same probleme as the Decker Specialist Outfit.
    However, for the Utlor Assassin, in my opinion it looks like a mesh glitch, so I can't do nothing about that, sorry. Wait for Volition to fix it (I hope).
    Or I can try to import the mesh form SR3 and see if it fix the problem ... that could be a solution.

    EDIT : In fact, I just check, the problem with Utlor Assassin suit is also in SR3. So importing the files from SR3 would be useless.
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  4. Reizo Ryuu

    Reizo Ryuu Banned

    I can make the decker outfits glow in any colour I want, it's just glitched a bit and you need to apply a small fix each time the game loads you a new mesh, like when you go from ship to steelport.
  5. NopeD

    NopeD Modding patch tester

    The fishnet stockings lower has some really bad colourization around the zipper section.
  6. What is with the mamba jacket (I think?)?
    The part on the shoulders is glowing since SR3, and quite noticeable which really bugged me because the normal look was pretty cool.
    Guess it's a mesh issue too but I'm not a modder. :/
  7. The Steampunk-skirt misses the legs sometimes while ragdolling or supersprinting etc.
    I do thing it happens just while the superglow is active, but I am not completely sure.
  8. Have you fix the problems on female underwears? Some glitches on the edge when set it to all black or other dark colors.
  9. Yeah, Steampunk-skirt have some problems, but it look like mesh issues. I've try to edit the alpha channel, but it does nothing.

    Strange, I've never notice it. Is it on all female underwears ? Can you make a screenshot ? Because I've noticed a glitch on the underwears, but I'm not sure that we talk about the same.

    Besides, if everyone could put a screenshot illustrating the problem, it would be nice. ;)
  10. Most of them have the problem since SRTT, the textures are not fully covered or something, look where the seams are.
    SaintsRowIV 2013-08-28 00-49-20-96.png