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Discussion in 'Visuals & Graphics' started by DB7.5, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. 20190628193614_1.jpg 20190628193613_1.jpg 20190628194006_1.jpg 20190628194007_1.jpg 20190628193951_1.jpg 20190628193953_1.jpg 20190604183414_1.jpg
    Hope y'all like.

    Edit: Instillation tutorial now included.

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  2. my pc says that the files can harm my computer. whats wrong?
  3. Thank you. It's not mine however lol.

    It's Joules fashion killer outfit by Admixon from the Steam workshop.
  4. Untitled.jpg

    I see. Absolutely nothing! It's Chrome/your browser being over zealous with security as ini (injector file) is not a well recognised file type.

    It happens here too:
    Untitled 2.jpg
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