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  1. So... considering SRTT and SR4 seem to use the same engine, map, menues, etc i was thinking perhaps it would be possible to port things from SR4 to SRTT more specifically cars, clothes and weapons. the reason i'm requesting (more like asking if it's possible) to port things over is because i somewhat want some of the SR4 exclusive vehichles and clothes in SRTT.

    If porting things between the games is possible then would it be possible to make a Mod that imports the SR4 exclusive clothes and cars (DLC included) over to SRTT and vice versa?
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    1. It's not the same engine... well almost. SR4's engine is newer version of TT's and that's why we have different tools for both games.
    2. It's not the same map... well again almost.
    3. Menues are different.
    4. Trust me, people were trying to port cars.
    5. It is possible but only models for example you can port Dubstep Gun but without effects and music.
    Try this:
  3. Wait WHAT My favorite mod author replied!?

    Fanboying aside thanks for the info
    And when it comes to weapons I'm thinking the non insane ones like the burst rifle and assault rifle as well as the MP5SD K7 hybrid of a weapon known as the SWAT SMG

    Same for clothes.

    also if the engines just. newer wouldn't it still be possible to simplify content from SR4 and port it to SRTT? sorry if it isn't i'm farmiliar with installing mods but not with altering coding and engines ^^
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  4. also once again i was saying the look similar enough to the naked eye to be mistaken for the same thing it's clear the maps different (well probably just an highly edited version of SRTT's map-) menus look functionally the same (yea the location is different different background different sub menus etc but most people would probably say there the same.) as for the cars... :( i want my SR4 style of SR2 cars in SRTT- weapons meh... could be worse the could have just lost support all together. as for the clothing mod... it adds a bit more then i'd like... i'll givc it a whirl but over all meh-

    and once again i'm probably going to go fanboy after this but thanks :)
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