SR4 Removed & Beta Content (New thread)

I found Agents of Mayhem beta name
The game was originally called "Saints Row The Third - Enter The Dominanttrix" and was a stand-alone addition to CP3, and was later renamed "Saints Row Episode 4".
What about SRTT ETD?
The clusters were called Code Fragments and were pink in color.
The skyscraper towers of the Dekkers, Morningstars, Luchadors, Oiran, as well as the headquarters of the gangs and the houses of the Saints were in the game. At the same time, the Morningstar Tower was layered on top of the Alien Tower, and a pink glow came out of the Deckers' central reactor.
The skybox in ETD was similar to GOOH, later remade in "Saints Row Episode 4" (seen in the PAX Demo).
Instead of vertical VRs, there were VR Chairs to enter the simulation.
Instead of Kinzie there was Donnie, and in mission 3 we saved Lyn from Sharp, and Lyn replaced Johnny Gat. On the mission with the giant Paul, Donnie was present instead of Pierce, and Zinyak was also present, in addition, a Condor was used instead of a helicopter.
The player had the default appearance from SR3, then on all challenge icons he was wearing a black stratagem.
Zinyak, his aliens, and the Varden looked different.
Apparently, there was a boss in the game - a huge Zinyak "NPC_Vardenplane".
The alien tanks and UFOs were different, and there was also a different variant of the regular tank.
Icons from the ETD challenges remain in the game files.
The early achievements of ETD also remain.