SR4 homies import mod

It's time to bounce with Aisha like her checks did back in the day!!!

-it's a tedious process
-Lin's hair keeps getting randomised colours. I'm guessing it's a flag in one of the table files that needs deleting.

I plan to add Donnie, Julius, Ben Motherfucking King, maybe Mr. Sunshine and more.

20190723125352_1.jpg 20190723125237_1.jpg 20190723125325_1.jpg
when can it be downloaded?
Couldn't say. I'm getting into this modding stuff more than I thought I would, so I've been experimenting (naturally 99% of it failed). Can I interest you in a Shaundi for the time being? :
To anyone downloading I've provided viper venoms asm updater for anyone who needs it. Drop the asm and str2 files in the main folder along with asm updater and put the vpp file in the packfiles/pc/cache folder.


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this is the best mod in my opinion for saints row the third...nice work DB7.5 :D
Thank you kind sir!

Another update!

This is gonna require some testing (these dudes obviously cant drive for example) however the animations are working perfectly which makes me happy:
I mean why should the fuckin Syndicate be the only ones who can set Brutes on you every 5 seconds? lol


Just an average day for the boss; killing a fuck ton of zombies then having a dance party with the Donnie twins.

So on last count I think near 20 characters have now been updated.

My main aim has been give all homies unique personalities and skill sets/levels, yes that does mean some of your gang members suck ass at combat...

For example: - Pierce is chauffeured around in a limo with a security team, 'cus face of the saints, yo.
- Gat has the best firearm/headshot damage and can now use projectiles (like in sr2)
- Angel de la Hulk Hogan arrives on a toad....because he's extreme brother....

and so on...I've had a few bizarre issues, for example setting cypher to arrive in an attack chopper with a saint seemed to work ok at first...before it set on fire and exploded when trying to land (it wasn't hitting anything?!) I'd like to say I'm almost done but we'll see...