SR3 Npc Outfits In SR4

I've seen mods doing things like making NPC outfits wearable but they don't include the ones I want from SR3, so I've been searching for tutorials and I can't find one that helps or includes the video on how to actually do it, so if someone could run me through the steps that'll be great and it would also be appreciated.


Snow White
Its not a simple process tbh. Since it requires some 3d software skills to make them work properly

I extract the meshes using ninja ripper, edit the model to fit the player and then import into the game using the SR4 SDK
Instructions? i'm only asking because i'm actually raging really hard because 1. i couldn't clone the item 2. sdk won't open like it's supposed to so if you could please save my sanity and give instructions or hell maybe convert them for me it would be appreciated!