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  1. Okay, I've sort of made a thing that I'm not sure if anyone is interested in, but I figured I'd upload it anyway just because I already made it. Basically, it's a spreadsheet for use with SR3 with the Extended Sliders mod from Gentlemen of the Row installed. What does it do? It lets you take a character made with Extended Sliders, and remake it in a game without Extended Sliders. Why would anybody want to do that? Well...

    When I first bought Saints Row IV I ran into a problem: the character I'd made in Saints Row: The Third was made using Gentlemen of Steelport's included Extended Sliders mod. At the time these forums weren't allowing discussion of SRIV slider mods, much less creation of them, so there was no way for me to transfer my character from SR3 to SR4. What I should have done is extracted the modified sliders table and looked at the math behind it. Instead I just gave up and eyeballed my character's face via Inauguration Station, which came out about as well as you'd expect (badly).

    Well, today I finally did what I should have done several months ago: got that table out and took a look at the math. For convenience I started writing down the math differences in a spreadsheet, and then I started adding formulas to make things easier on me for converting my character. Before long I had a functional, if messy, automated conversion spreadsheet. When I thought about it, I realized it wouldn't take much more time to clean it up and generally make it look pretty, so I did that, too. A few more minutes for a writeup, and BAM, one SR3 conversion assistance tool, ready to go.

    The conversion isn't perfect, probably owing to some table stuff I don't fully understand. The brow and eyes for example are a little off in my converted character, but a LOT closer than I got just by guessing. If someone who fully understands the Extended Sliders mod could explain the reasoning behind some of the changes - particularly why the entire Forehead, Brow, and Crown sections use multiple copies of the Morph Key rather than just changing the Morph Scalar - I could probably get it more accurate.

    Oh yes, obviously some characters won't be compatible with the unmodified game's sliders, depending on specific values. If that happens the spreadsheet will tell you how far off your character will be, percentage wise, for that specific slider.

    Anyway, for compare and contrast purposes, some screenshots of a slider-mod-created character before and after conversion (I have no idea what's up with the hair):



    So that's it. Hope this is actually useful to someone.

    EDIT: Slight update to make returning to the actual sheet where you enter values easier, for people who aren't super familiar with spreadsheets.

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  2. :p this doesnt look like it changes much
  3. Beerus

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    By extending sliders value you mean that I can extended the character body size?
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  5. where do i put the file?
  6. This is actually a tool rather than a mod, so you can put it anywhere. You will need Microsoft Excel as this tool is basically a spreadsheet with mathematical functions that convert extended character values to the closest normal character values. This is helpful for players who created characters with extended values mod found within Gentlemen of Steelport and wish to preserve the character's appearance without the use of the mod. The end goal is to get the player's character compatible with the Saints Row Community site and be easily transferable between SRTT and SRIV.

    Read the title and description next time, it really helps.
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