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SR3 and its DLC/Patches and mods

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Nyx2k, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. So, on Tuesday the new DLC, Genkibowl VII comes out. After seeing the screens and a few Videos, I fear it will "kill" our mods once again.
    Will they mess them up again? Are you guys prepared? Or do you think it wont affect Mods at all?

    Tell me what you think.
  2. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Rick has already looked at it and there will be some new vpp_pc files including 2 patch files (one compressed for xtbl files and the other uncompressed for str2_pc files) plus a dlc vpp_pc. From what he was saying none of the existing archives will be changed at all so we should be okay.
  3. Well, I just downloaded the Genkibowl DLC, and the game started fine. I checked out the Team Fortress 2 Hats, but as soon as I wanted to start the genkibowl mission, the game froze. Looks like the new DLC messes with the mission replay mod. Oh well, back to vanilla SR3 then.

    Strange, the DLC doesnt show up ingame at all, even though I bought it with the season pass.
  4. Yeah, I had to uninstall all my mods, going to the mission menu froze my game.
  5. Same thing happened for me.

    kind of an off-topic question: I started a brand new file with mods and have a save of it. Will it mess up if I continue playing it without the mods?
  6. I dont think so, I use my savegame since the game came out and it still works flawlessly, even though I messed around with mods like a 3 year old in the mud. XD

    The Delete reward vehicles and customise all vehicle mod still works though. At least for me. Only thing bugging me is, that the DLC doesnt activate.
  7. The Genki Bowl DLC hasn't been rolled out for me yet, but the TF2 hats are already causing problems with GoS. I can't access my wardrobe or any of the clothing stores. The menus will not show up and the game freezes.
  8. Strange, I dont have that error. What mods do you have installed?
  9. -Gentlemen of Steelport with mission replay, customize/delete garage vehicles, wardrobe colour change, specter speed, talk radios, open cheats, super sliders
    -Snipe's temporary weapons mod
    -New clothing for sale (removing this didn't fix the problem)
    -Wheel size increase mod

    Removing all mods and reinstalling just the wardrobe colour change mod from GoS will reproduce the same error. It's likely a problem with vint_doc_containers.

    The TF2 hats are a lame addition anyway. I might like the pyro helmet if it was the size of an actual human head, but other than that it's just marketing. At least the two games go together well. Both of them are childish games designed to sell overpriced cosmetic DLC to autistic nerds. The only difference is that SR3 costs $50, while TF2 is now free.
  10. I had Gentlemen of Steelport, the Temporary Weapons mod and the Wheel Size mod installed, and now when I try to load a game from the main menu, it will crash during the load screen.
    I removed the mod files, but the same thing still happened.

    Has anyone got a possible solution for this?

    EDIT: I thought it may have been an issue with some temporary weapon being in my loadout, but I loaded a save that was from before I installed mods, and the same issue occured.