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Saints Row 2 Screenshot 2024.05.21 -
Ive created Several different Outfits for her but this one is my favorite so far. I edited her as I progressed in game and the is the end game appearance I landed on in the end. Swapping the reds with purples also works out really well however I personally prefer the dark reds on her. I'm currently using the saints row remaster 2.0 reshade and some texture swaps and lighting changes.
sr2_pc 2024-04-27 23-04-25.png
sr2_pc 2024-04-27 23-03-12.pngsr2_pc 2024-04-27 23-03-00.pngsr2_pc 2024-04-27 23-03-47.pngsr2_pc 2024-04-27 23-03-08.pngSR2 Spin to Win!.png