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I make new one


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Ok here goes mine. Her name is Emerald Candice. She looks cute and harmless, like a Candy Doll but she is full of Rage. She claims to be clairvoyant and being able to predict things that will happen, but no one believes her and just asume it's just BS. She spends a most of her time with Gat as he finds him very cool and fun to be around. She is a mostly known as the owner and creator of "lojalitet" fashion and perfumes brand.

Physical Appearance: Slim, Light Skinned, Big Emerald Green eyes, Long blonde wavy hair, dim Freckles in her nose, forehead, back and arms, Chubby cheeks, small heart shaped lips.
Height: 175cm
Nationality: Swedish/Mexican
Birth: March 22, 1995
Bloodtype: A+
Favorite Color: Pink and Blue.
Favorite Music: 80's New Wave, Electronic, Pop.
Personality: Egoist, Hyperactive, Competitive, Easy to anger, Impatient, pretends to be indiferent to others but actually isnt.
Likes: Sky diving, Fast Bikes, Whisky, Hiking, MMA fighting, Firearms, Luxury Cars and Fashion, Travelling, Impossible Heists (the harder the better).
Dislikes: Assholes, and being called a "bitch". She will go full psycho to anyone calling her that.


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