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  1. This mod improves the maneuverability and stability of most vehicles.

    v1.06 update
    The total number of modified vehicle is 91. Improved most vehicles (except airplanes).
    Readjustment some vehicle in former version.
    In particular, Bootlegger has greatly improved stability.
    If Voyage changes the physical model, it will interfere with the heli assault activity, so it remains a vanilla.
    Toad is slightly powered up with increased stability. The activity will be a bit advantageous.

    v1.02 update
    Readjustment some vehicle in v1.01.
    The total number of modified vehicle is 52

    v1.01 update.
    Readjustment of the vehicles in v1.00 and add 39 new modified vehicles.
    Total vehicle that has been modified is 42.

    This mod's policy.
    There is no change in engine torque. (except Keystone)
    There is no change in mass. (except Shaft)
    There is no change in maximum hitpoint. (except Shaft)
    It is assumed the operation of the keyboard. (I've to check the behavior of all vehicles using the keyboard)

    This mod works with GOTR v1.9.

    sr2_improved_vehicles_v1.06 is included as a required mod in the Overhauled Stilwater v1.0.
    I have made many mods and tools to make the Overhauled Stilwater mod. Please try this.

    Please write to reply if there is hope of additional models and improvement of behavior.

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  2. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome

    The readme file is blank. You should include some installation instructions. :)
  3. I'm sorry.
    I upload fixed new one.
    v1.00 means readme file is not blank.

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  4. You didn't replace the one in the OP...
  5. I'm sorry. My english ability is not enough.
    What should I do?
  6. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    You should attach the file that doesn't have a blank readme to the original post instead of keeping the old file with a blank readme there.
    People will download the old one without knowing there's an updated one in a later post.
  7. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome

    In the first post, click "Edit". Then click the button, "More options". "Delete" the file and upload the new one. You should do this every time that you make an update. That way, people can always find the newest file in the first post.
  8. Thank you!
    I edited the first post and replaced file to new one.
  9. New version available.
    Escort activity is now easier than v1.00.
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