[SR2] GOG Shaundi Loadscreen v1.0.1


This simple mod change the new-game loading screen with the Shaundi one found as goodies/wallpapers in the GOG version of the game. The texture itself sized at 1280x768.

SR2_GOGShaundiLS_SS01.jpg SR2_GOGShaundiLS_SS02.jpg SR2_GOGShaundiLS_SS03.jpg

01 -- Gentlemen of the Row -- extract the zipped archive and put both G_/PEC_PC files to \optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE folder and rebuild a modded patch.VPP_PC.
02 -- SR2 MOD Manager v2.07 -- extract the zipped archive and copy the folder SR2_GOGShaundi_NewGame_Loadscreen_v101 to the mods folder; run the app, check-list the mod, and rebuild a modded patch.VPP_PC.

01 -- Gentlemen of the Row -- rebuild a vanilla patch.VPP_PC.
02 -- SR2 MOD Manager v2.07 -- remove the folder SR2_GOGShaundi_NewGame_Loadscreen_v101 from the mods folder. As alternative; run the app, uncheck the mod from the list and rebuild a patch.VPP_PC.

Compatibility: Isn't compatible with mods that share the provision; doing similar thing, same assets etc.

Hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do!

I like to provide direct support to my mod/s, which wouldn't be possible if they're scattered in middle of nowhere -- so be considerate to NOT redistribute or re-release them on any websites.

However, you are welcome to use them as part of your projects but please -- be kind to ask for permission first; I'd be excited to know what's-up with their inclusion. Cheers!

IdolNinja for all of his; especially GotR that accompanying me with first two playthrough of this game. Be at peace, your spirit carries on all your work
⦁ -- still IdolNinja, which loadscreen template I use as a basis with >= v1.0.1
Volition, Inc. and THQ for Saints Row 2
Masamaru for all his work -- mods that I learned from, tools which I use to build the mod, and knowledge as well documentations on this game
Tool Makers wasn't mentioned -- can't make it without y'all!
⦁ All active/inactive SR Modders which mods I had used and influenced me to get into modding the game
SaintsRowMods for being a nice place to hangout, discussing around and hosting my mod/s




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[Update] --

Mod just got updated to v1.0.1.

With this version I'm using IdolNinja's loadscreen template. His template supersedes mine in many ways, hence for the sake of my current/next playthrough [as well for this mod and its users] I'm not holding back for a better version, hahah. Later, Saints!
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