SR1 T3k Urban & {T3k Urban (tec9b) [Platinum Black]}

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by CabooseSayzWTF, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. This mod isn't much but as a request for help from somebody else I came up with this little mod.

    This replaces the normal Silver T3k Urban with that of the SR1 T3k Urban, the texture for the weapon is in Friendly Fire in the mall on a rack. I also did use that exact texture as the base of the mod. This mods also adds the (tec9b) which is a Platinum Black T3K Urban, I also added it as a useable weapon along side the Black T3K Urban, I named the Platinum Black T3K to T3K Urban Special.

    Downsides of the mod: T3k Urban Special can not be dual-wielded due to the secondary gun being held wrong so I have disabled dual wield on it. I also could not get the string editor to properly decompile the strings so in game the special version will be shown as .T3K Urban Special, and in hand it won't have a name at all. This does not affect functionality of the weapons. Both weapons are the exact same just different skins.

    T3K Urban Special (Platinum Black)

    SR1 Black T3k Urban

    If you wish to ONLY USE the SR1 Black T3k Urban then only use the p_tec9.g_peg_pc & p_tec9.peg_pc files

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  2. There is a way to make the Platinum T3K Urban (tec9b) into g_peg_pc and peg_pc files, just like the sr1 T3K?
  3. Hey Caboose, am I right to use this in my "Classic Saints Row 2" mod?
  4. Go ahead if it'll work properly, some people reported crashing issues. But that's due to multiple mods etc. If anything just use the black gun texture, instead of the other files for the plat black t3k urban. Otherwise just cross compare the files and make changes accordingly for your mod. Also no need to ask for permission, use what ya want. I'm retired from Saint's Row Modding, and have 0 plans to mod the game anymore, or update any of my old mods. 99% of newer mods and such made 99% of my mods obsolete or incompatible. I literally have no motivation to mod this game series anymore.
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