SR1 | Share your vehicle pics

My favourite car is a reference:


I always try to replicate it on every game I play that has a car with a similar body type, like any GTA with a Sabre or Sabre Turbo/GT, or Midnight Club 3 and L.A.
Here's my list of vehicles and some of the stories my character how he got them:

Taxi - Vehicle given by the mob boss that is also Smol OG's best friend too.

Bulldog - Vehicle shared between Smol OG and his partner.
(Vehicle color was originally dark green when the partner brought it, she ended up changing the vehicle black as a way fit closer to her style as well as matching with Smol OG's style)

Zircon - First vehicle Smol OG has ever brought in his life time.
(Vehicle color was originally sliver when first brought then later Smol OG changed the color to match with his colors)
Screenshot 2023-08-01 180422.pngScreenshot 2023-08-01 180436.png
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