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    Warning! This mod replaces Go-Go dress!

    Swimsuit from Saints Row 2 now available in SR:TT.
    It's going to be hot summer!


    Installation Guide
    (make sure your game is closed before downloading the mod)

    1. Download sr3_swim.rar file and open it with Winrar
    2. Extract all files from files folder to the main folder of the game (where the exe files are)
    2a. If you already have customization_items.xtbl file open it with notepad or notepad++ (recomended) and find (ctrl+f) cf_impn_suit_f_patterndress
    . Now you have to change a few things and it should look like this (I marked edited lines):
    2c. If you already have customize_item.asm_pc file copy other files only
    2d. If you already have any of the le_strings files don't replace them (it changes display name only)
    3. Update the files with Viper's ASM Updater
    4. Launch the game

    Thanks to
    for German translation
    BeautiDuwanger for Spanish translation

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  2. I never had a chance to try out your mods as I could never bring myself to get into SR IV, but from what I've seen they are of extremely high quality. So I'm glad to see that you're bringing them (or at least some of them) to the Third. Thank you.
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  3. nice!
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