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Discussion in 'Vehicles' started by rastaman289, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. rastaman289

    rastaman289 Modding patch tester

    Hello all .
    I made a specter fix because if you used the specter, one of the wings goes up and the weapon was in the vehicle .

    Changelog :
    V1 :
    Jetbike animations changed to specter ones
    XOR don't have animations anymore but it looks better

    Attached Files:

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  2. thanks mate, will try this tommorrow :)
  3. Hi rastaman, I put both the bike_jet04_veh.xtbl and the jetbike.xtbl into the root. I found that it stops the animation on the XOR but not the Spectre, still doing the one wing in the air thing, so just try putting one file in, still can`t stop the spectre animations, any ideas thanks
  4. rastaman289

    rastaman289 Modding patch tester

    You have to put jetbike.xtbl in the tables folder .
  5. ok sweet will do that, thanks for the reply :)
  6. sweet I put the jetbile.xtbl back into the tables folder ,then put the two into the root and its working like a treat, thanks so much. The Spectre was my fav mode of transport in Saint row 3 now I`m enjoying it in 4 :)
    I also notice the Cribship has no sound, is this normal. Thanks again
  7. rastaman289

    rastaman289 Modding patch tester

    I'm happy that you like the mod ! And for the cribship, I didn't edited it so I think it's normal .
  8. Thanks for this fix - I'd recently been using mods to access otherwise hidden content (weapons, vehicles, etc); and I noticed some issues with the Spectre.
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