Spadita's Weapons Tweaks Workshop

you're doing exactly what ive wanted to. if possible, could you include the spas12, spas12b, and platinum tec? there isnt a mod that has every leftover gun from sr1. theres some mods that add one or another, along with gotr bring it half way back so. thatd be amazing and this would be a 10/10. also i agree with saints row 1 and 2 mcmanus. but tbh id leave the sr2 one as a special but make the sr1 one a rifle like it was in sr1
About the spas 12 and spas12b are already included.. The only one missing is the Platinum T3K. The thing about the Platinum T3K is that the model is all messed up, and i dont know how to edit smesh files. But i can add it, if it doesnt crash of course. About sr2 sniper i can change the category..
I tried starting a new game and when I tried too fire the first pistol you get the game crashed. Also for some reason like half of my controller icons became mouse and keyboard icons. I'm sure this is a great mod, but it doesn't seem to work for me.