Character Customization some .xtbl mods don't work?

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by Merronkur, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. it's been a while, lemme just start off by saying i've been loving the remaster and i can't wait for the modding capabilities to be expanded.

    anyway, i'm trying to make a mod that makes a couple outfits purchasable, being the STAG armor (so you don't have to wait until the end of the game to unlock it) and the hidden Nyteblayde outfit.

    this has been done before in the original release, as New Clothing for Sale, and the mod i'm making works exactly the same way by editing the customizations_stores.xtbl and adding the new clothing entries to stores as purchasable items. no other files are edited, at least not in any meaningful way (the customizations_items.xtbl file is edited in the original mod to help with the new Cyrus outfit).

    however it doesn't seem to work, and the new clothing is nowhere to be found in the stores i added them to. other .xtbl mods have proven to work, such as Classic Iridescent Hair Colors, so i don't understand why this one doesn't even though it acts the exact same way as the original mod. i at least expected the nyteblayde outfit to show up, given it's hidden and not attached to any mission rewards.
  2. Same,

    I want to edit "Gangf.xtbl" and modifications dont work.
  3. Apparently, if an *.xtbl exists in more than one *.vpp_pc, putting it in the root directory doesn't override the archives from /cache (for example, if you want to do something about Insurance Fraud missions, there's no point editing _a_if_dt_03.xtbl, because it exists in both da_tables.vpp_pc and misc_tables.vpp_pc. Without repackaging them, the only thing you can do is edit fraud_globals.xtbl, because only one instance of it exists, inside da_tables.vpp_pc). You have to repackage them for your change to take place — that is, unless they have to be put into a different directory? But *.vpp_pc names don't seem to work for that, and I have no idea what else it can be.
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