SOLVED (SOLVED) SR2 GOTR Modded (Crashing) on Septic Avenger Activity

Hey guys,

I've been having issues with Saints Row 2, Steam version and using GOTR modded. The Activity Septic Avenger mission close to the gang hideout crashes after the introduction cutscene, screen goes black just as I hear the vehicle start and objective pop up. I do have less than common crashing per usual with the game and my setup. But normally I can reload and restart from a point and the activity or mission works again. This one has a permanent issue and not sure why

To the best of my knowledge I am not sure what is Causing the issue as no mods I have affect activity, the septic truck or area it takes place in. For following details I have mods which affect the following:

- Textures
- Notoriety
- Draw Distance
- Real Weapon names
- Swat and Ultor Textures
- Weapon Textures
- Gang Unlocks and Vehicles
- Weather/ Time of day stuff
- Saints Row 1 Texture Pack

PC settings:

GTX 1050M 4GB
Ryzen 5 Quad

VSync Off
Fullscreen 1920x1080
Everything High
FPS 60-70 (50-40) when driving