Snipe's Unlocked Temporary Weapons Permanently Mod

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Snipe, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Welcome to my thread about my mod in regards to unlocking temporary weapons permanently.

    What exactly does this mod do?
    Great question, The mod allows you to access and keep weapons you normally might not be able to.
    For example, the shock hammer, its normally one time use and you can only pick it up but it doesn't save it to your inventory.
    This mod will allow you to keep those weapons!

    All weapons in this modification go to the following slots:
    Shock Hammer - Melee *new*
    Riot Shield - Special
    Brute Minigun - Special
    Brute Incinerator - Special
    Luchadore Grenade Launcher - Special *new*

    Gun pricing also exists now:
    --Minigun == $150,000
    --Grenade Launcher == $150,0000
    --Shock Hammer == $75,000
    --Flame Thrower == $150,000

    This modification also unlocks all weapons at your friendly fire store, so it is recommended you only use it if you have beaten the game.

    Great! Show me the media!

    Known bugs list:
    -Display error when using Shock Hammer, says x/10 when it's really infinite. *new*

    Change log
    1.2 - Update
    -Fixed for latest SR3 as of 1/5/13 *new*
    -Removed Riot Shield *new*
    -Moved ShockHammer to melee *new*
    -Moved GL to special *new*
    -Adjusted ammo pricing for perma-temp weapons *new*

    1.1 - Update
    -Temp weapons now cost money to be obtained
    --Minigun == $150,000
    --Grenade Launcher == $150,0000
    --Shock Hammer == $75,000
    --Flame Thrower == $150,000
    -Added custom ammunition for each weapon
    -Fixed crash issues.

    1.0 - Release
    -Temp weapons are made perma in radial wheel menu.
    -Temp weapons have unlimited ammunition.
    -Temp weapons have no cost.

    -Create a version that allows the weapons to become unlocked as the game progresses. *new*
    -Possibly add weapon upgrades, and further expand on the mod. *new*

    Me - This mod, adding guns to slots etc.
    AxelInferno - Fixing inventory issue with slots. "<inv_slot>"

    Cool, where can I download this?
    Attached is a zip labeled "" that is the latest,
    extract all files to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third


    Attached Files:

  2. I can't install. The mod loader only works for the saints initiation station. Can you post the raw files instead?
  3. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    The mod installer linked supports both the Initiation Station and Saints Row The Third as long as it is active on your steam account - which it should to be, as it's a steamworks game. If you're having issues with Mod Installer, please post them here.
  4. Dat voice
  5. [GoSP] Jon

    [GoSP] Jon Screw you all

    The minigun should really go in the rifle slot
    Otherwise, props
  6. That would cause problems as the rifles are available to use when using a human-shield.
  7. [GoSP] Jon

    [GoSP] Jon Screw you all

    You can add a tag for the weapon to tell the game it's unusable with human shields or riot shields. So that shouldn't be an issue.
  8. Oh nice. :)
  9. having a little bit of problem with this mod, i can successfully purchase all the other special weapons, except for the shock hammer, which i THINK is because the shockhammers price is set to -1 not 0 like the others, and i cant seem to find anything readily apparently to the price setting

    Edit:after browsing the site some more and figuring out how to make the .sr3mod files, and editing the Shockhammers inv_slot to melee, it seems to work properly, even with the price being -1
  10. Thanks for that Zadey, I'll update for 1.12
    when I get home.
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