Slower Steering Speeds


I took these files from F13's Vehicles Flip Mid Air mod of the Super Ethical patch for Remastered.​

Ok. What does it do?​

It reduces the max steering speeds of vehicles* from 1080 to 360.
This causes there to be a delay when steering at low speeds and allows for a more gradual body roll at high speeds.

Why is this in Mods in Progress?​

*Some vehicles -don't- use 1080 as steering speed. I have no idea which ones.
I'm too lazy to check each file's steering speed right now. If you could nag me which ones they are that'd be great.

I don't think I'm going to make Nuanced Handling Mod for this one yet, there's a lot of vehicles in this game.
I do have select favourites such as the Go! but oh god it turns out 100 is a hardcoded max speed?? DAMN YOU console limitations... balancing each vehicle to be fun will be a PITA with no top speed to rely on...
Either way, hope y'all enjoy!


  • Slower Steering Speeds for SR3 and SR3R.7z
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Interesting Mod.
As I'm in my holidays right now, I still wanted to ask if this was also an issue in the original version of "Saints Row: The Third" ?
Feel free. Just keep in mind
Huh, that would be something I would be interesting to research and maybe also work on a version for the original version of the game after my holiday.
Nice, go ahead!
Just note that these files use "HD" images for the logos (was true for radio logos), check the non-remastered xtbl files to see the difference of the logo file names.