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Slayer from "How the saints save christmas" DLC sfx

Discussion in 'Guides and Tutorials' started by >>>SHΛDZ, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone, This my first post here

    I've come with a question, You know the clawz variant of santa's slay (reffered to as slayer in game) During the first quest / mission from the dlc, I noticed that the slayer emitted christmas like music from it whenever it got near as at first I thought it was something else in the area but I can pretty much confirm that it was the sleigh emmitting it.
    As when it first appears flying in you can hear the music come in and then fade out as it goes away. During the gameplay the music continued to emit from it when it was hovering around the theater and frozen lake. It also continued emiting from it when clawz landed it and got out so no one was in it. However it was still all lit up, just on the ground. So my guess is that the engine was still on or something. (like in Sr3 where if you use RC possessor on a VTOL or any vehicle I think, the engines would stay on)

    However, When I unlocked the slayer at the gateway, It didn't emit the music as like an engine sound or whatever but the VTOL landing gear sound / transform sounds seemed the same (Not sure about transform sounds though)

    Sorry about the long paragraphs but my main question is was the music emitted from the slayer in the mission like a scripted thing only in the mission or was a completley seperate variant of the slayer that had the music as like an engine sound or something used by clawz in the mission?
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