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(This shouldn't crash your game if used in the SRTT remaster [thanks Rainzeros for testing], but it hasn't been tested extensively, so... use this 5-year-old joke mod at your own risk. Or just don't use it at all. That's probably easier.)

Skinballs and Friends began as a project to completely re-imagine the world of Saints Row. Planned to include 12 new missions, many new characters, and a new city to explore, Skinballs and Friends was to completely revolutionize modding Saints Row forever.

...But then we spent all our money on the model of one character. Whoops. But don't be dismayed! Even with this minor setback, Skinballs and Friends still promises to be the most revolutionary mod ever made. This character, Wong Sheng Tai, better known as Mr. Wong, has finally made his grand return in Steelport! With complete voice lines (not yet recorded), a custom homie icon and description (not yet created), and much more, Mr. Wong has again made his mark on the Saints Row series!

Some weird homie named Skinballs shows up in the homie list above Mr. Wong. Don't know why.

1. Move the files included in into your main Saints Row: The Third folder. That's it!

Viewers of the Saints Row: The Third debug streams for the idea of a Skinballs-themed DLC. Why.


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Mr. Wong?
Merged it correctly and ingame gives me unanimated ped with white t-shirt and olive pants with lemon skin and black hair
doesn't have eyes, brows, no details

Carpe Noctem

Modding patch tester
It works for the remaster. The new homies are introduced by two new slots in Ninjas under Gang Customization. I witnessed Skinballs toting a weapon and screaming as I put the thing out of its misery.