Simply No Damping v. 1.0

This mod is a reimplementation of the great Revamped Car Physics by Jon and Shitface. Both these mods remove the angular damping on vehicles, which restricts how quickly they can turn. When you take away the damping, vehicles handle in a way that's slightly more difficult to drive, but more natural and believable with it. All vehicles from the following categories (including DLC) have had their damping removed:
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Minivans
  • Bikes
  • SUVs
  • Wagons (interestingly the Keystone has a class of its own)
  • 'Special' vehicles like tanks, the ambulance and the Genki vehicles

What's the difference?
I noticed that when I used Revamped Car Physics, a few vehicles still had angular damping, even though the mod covers these vehicles. The investigation following that is what prompted me to make this mod. Whereas Revamped Car Physics covers cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and some SPs, Simply No Damping also covers other SPs, bikes, the Keystone and the DLC vehicles.

I also decided not to implement any of the auxilliary changes in Revamped Car Physics, such as the Vortex handling tweak or the light damping on heavy vehicles. Simply No Damping affects the damping, the whole damping, and nothing but the damping. In the future I may offer some other tweaks, but only as optional downloads (or a separate mod).

Just the usual - drop the .xtbl files in your SRTT folder, or build them into your Gentlemen of Steelport patch.

Remove any files from the archive you put in your SRTT folder, or rebuild your Gentlement of Steelport patch without the mod.

Obviously this mod changes a ton of vehicle files. It'll conflict with any other mods that touch on the same files. You can of course merge the changes by hand, or use the script (see below).

Damping remover script
I've seen fit to include my little Python script for you to use if you like. It takes *_veh.xtbl files and outputs the same files corrected to have no angular damping. If you're happy with the mod as I've included it here, you don't need the script at all - just install the files and play. However you'll find the script useful if you'd like to remove damping from even more vehicles, or you want to remove the damping from a vehicle that's already modified by another mod. For usage instructions, see the script - it's a big multiline comment at the top.


1.0 (no version number change):
Fixed incomplete script documentation


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I'm liking this! Good job!