Shrek Player Model

Fully custom shrek player model mod.

It doesn't have its own shadow, but it could be fixed in the future and also i recommend turning Fatness slider to max. That way, your hands don't clip into the body.

Was only tested on vanilla game, so it could break other mods.

WARNING! Currently, if you save the game with this mod installed, your character will lose all clothes, eyes, teeth etc, even if you remove the mod. So don't use it on characters you care about or make backups.

To install just pack files from MOD_FILES folder into patch.vpp_pc using Gibbed tools.

P.S. I do plan on releasing a tool for importing custom models at some point in the future, but for now it's not ready.



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I don't get on here much but to see this and lack of comments is a bit shocking. I've dm'd you but will comment here for public eye. This while a test and a meme (self assuming), is a huge giant step for sr2 modding as a whole. I think I remember seeing you experimenting in the past with custom models and those were nowhere near what you have done now. This while funny is huge and very impressive. So great work and I hope to see more from you as time goes on.